Addressing Homelessness

Housing for all
Improving Lives - Moving from the street into a home is a personal journey that we support through a continuum if safe shelter programs


60% - Our goal is to have the capacity to support at least 60% of our unsheltered population at any given time.
1,934 Unsheltered Persons in Council District 15 in 2020


Solutions: Navigation Center - Storage for belongings. At our Harbor area navigation center you can also connect with services. Placed in service June 2020. Storage Capacity: 168 Bins


Safe Parking: Supports residents living in vehicles and RV's. The program design includes a hygiene trailer, security and service provider oversight. Capacity: (40 Cars-Watts) (25 Cars -San Pedro) (25 Cars -Harbor Gateway)
A Bridge Home: Interim housing with wraparound services, on-site showers, bathrooms, storage, and security. Three sites with 100 beds each in Watts, San Pedro, and Wilmington. Capacity: 300 Beds
Tiny Home Village: One pallet shelter facility designed using trailers, individual pop-up shelters, or spring structures, and is expected to have a 3-to-5 year time span. Placed into service June 2021. Capacity:75 units. Harbor Sports Complex


Rapid Rehousing: In partnership with SPA 6 lead re-housing organization, TOPICS, properties currently on the market will be leased using vouchers. Happening Now: 200 Units. Project Room Key: Two sites with one hundred and sixty-eight beds in San Pedro served individuals during the pandemic who then transitioned to alternate housing.


CA Home Key: Two sites were acquired in CD15. These sites are being brought up to code and then will serve as supportive housing. Capactiy:57 units - Harbor City Motel 6. Capacity: 40 units - Harbor Gateway Travelodge
Permanent Supportive Housing: Long term housing with wrap-around services. Thirteen projects will be under construction within the next two years. Capacity: 645 units. Affordable Housing: 4 projects with 398 units in our pipeline will be under construction within a year.


TOC/DB Units: The City's two affordable housing production incentive programs - Transit Oriented Communities and Density Bonus are adding 140 units of affordable housing produced without public financial assistance. 5 extremely low income units (30% AMI). 58 Very Low income Units (50% AMI). 77 Low income Units(80% AMI)


Council District 15 has 2,150+ beds in place or in the pipeline and has housed 40% of the people experiencing street homelessness according to the 2020 point in time count. This success will only continue if everyone continues to say yes to solutions.